Welcome to Georgia College and Public Deliberation. You represent the 9th and 10th first-year student classes to take the course and I look forward to this third consecutive year of engaging students in thinking about the role of citizens in democracy. The course has some unique qualities. There are no written exams during or at the conclusion of the course. There is an emphasis on teamwork and holding one another accountable as you will work in teams of 6 or 7 people. We do read, write, and speak intensively. There are opportunities to experience deliberation in and beyond the classroom. My hope is that you leave the course with specific, relevant skills that will help you in future classes, student organizations, faith groups, or any other opportunities you might have to gather with others to solve community problems. And finally, I hope we can enjoy building relationships and developing a learning community.

Please use this web site to keep up with the course. All the assignments and everyone’s email address are listed.

I am looking forward to spending the semester with you. I must admit that this semester will be bittersweet, as it will be my final semester teaching at GC before I retire. I shall count on you to help make make more “rocking chair memories!”

Professor Gregg Kaufman (PK)

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